Saturday, November 05, 2005

Copy Paste Screenshots into Blog

I'm been searching for a while for a program or mechinism where I could take a screenshot, then paste it into a WYSIWYG blog editor resize the image thumbnail and have it link to the full image when clicked.

Blogger does something close because I can select a bunch of text and images in the browser copy it into the clipboard, then paste it into the Blogger Editor window. This is nice, but it's likely just copying the HTML portion that is in the clipboard.

What I would want to do is have the textfield where you are typing able to accept image data from the clipboard. When it senses image data being pasted in, it automatically sets up an upload process where the screenshot gets stored on a webserver somewhere. Then it brings up sizing tools to adjust the size of the thumbnail. Once accepted, the thumbnail sized image is regenerated and cached, and HTML is inserted into the blog with the addresses of the uploaded screenshot and the thumbnail image.

Picasa is helf way there. They provide the image uploading and automatic HTML generation. All they really need to do now is more closely integrate some HTML editing functionality into blogger to handle the pasted pictures from the clipboard.

I use a free screenshot program called Screenhunter 4.0 and it saves a JPEG to my hard drive and saves a copy of the image to the clipboard every time i press the screenshot button. The resizing and thumbnail creating is done manually until I find a better solution. Is this even possible with AJAX? or could it be done with a mozilla extention?


Abu Inaya said...

hi, have u tried 'hello'

it was a blogger recomended tool. hope this helps.

Howard Hoy said...

I created a free screenshot utility that captures what you select and saves it to the hard drive and copies it to the clip board.

The base tool is called HHSNAP. It is available here

I modified it to send pictures to my other site called

If you can think of more things to add to HHSNAP to make it more useful, let me know.

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Joe Alfred said...

Now there are numbers of screenshot utilities available online. Just download most suitable application and use it.

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